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The iconic Eilean Donan Castle on the road to Skye

Must See Scotland is the uniquely honest and independent guide to Scotland, packed with recommendations, comment and really useful tour planning advice.

In fact, this info-laden website is so honest that there are even a few pages that will make you wonder if you really should visit. (But we kinda think you ought to.)

And, remember, midges won’t kill you.

(Pictured here) the iconic Eilean Donan Castle on the road to Skye.

Rannoch Moor, looking towards the peaks of the Blackmount

14 unmissable places to see in Scotland

Include as many of these must see places in your Scottish trip planning. They have the ‘wow’ factor and there’s a great selection.

Some, like Stirling Castle or Loch Lomond, are easy to plan round; others, such as Skara Brae or the Isle of Eriskay, take a bit more itinerary juggling but are worth the effort.

(Pictured here) Autumn on Rannoch Moor, looking towards the peaks of the Blackmount.

“What a great resource for visitors to Scotland.”

”Spent many many hours reading your informative & funny pages”

Well, some people seem to like Must See Scotland!

Seriously though

Tourism in Scotland and far beyond changed forever in 2020 because of the pandemic. 2021 remained difficult – and even 2022 is looking a little, well, tentative. Things should get back to normal…but. This site acknowledges this. 

Here’s hoping that as many restaurants, hotels and attractions as possible have kept going into 2022.

I assume that all readers will already have informed themselves of the latest situation and the best advice for precautions while visiting. 

By the way, at time of writing the Scots are quite cautious and there are still plenty of folk wearing masks in public places. We care about our communities.

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness


Options for your own seven day tour of Scotland. Use this outline itinerary with great ideas and handy checklist on what to see and do. Discover where to eat and stay and how far you could travel with this starting point for your Scottish travel plans.

(Pictured here) Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness. It’s very popular!

Below are a great variety of tours I would definitely recommend doing in Scotland (and all easy to book – just click through).

Edinburgh Must Sees – the culture-fest of Scotland’s capital

What to see in Edinburgh

A first-time visitor with a couple of days for Edinburgh? Here are some must sees. What else you do depends how much history you can take! And check out ‘Must See Scotland’ views about whether or not you should visit both Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. (Hint: we wouldn’t make the Palace compulsory!)

Things to see from Edinburgh

Here’s an outline of how far Edinburgh is from other Scottish destinations (and also London, in England). Plus a mileage table for trip planning.

The Trossachs, Fife and St Andrews, East Lothian and also Glasgow are all easy day trips from Scotland’s capital city.

“You’ve got it all HERE!”

“You Rock!”

”I’ve been laughing my ass off since I found your site.”

”Your sense of humour & practical advice is a breath of fresh air.”

More kind words from fans of Must See Scotland
Must See Scotland says: don’t rush this Edinburgh to Skye route by road. Lots of scenic places to stop. The route from Glasgow up the side of Loch Lomond joins at Crianlarich.


A driving route to Skye from Edinburgh (or Glasgow) should include Glencoe and Glen Shiel on the way. Make a day of it – lots to see en route including Eilean Donan Castle.

(And yes, we prefer heading for the Great Glen via Rannoch Moor, not via the A9 and Dalwhinnie etc.)

Red Highland Cow


Highland cows are icons of Scotland. Often called hairy coos, their heritage stretches back to the days of the clans.

Highland cattle can be spotted in many parts of the Scottish countryside, both Lowland and Highland. Here are a few suggestions about where you can see them, as well as some background information you’ll enjoy.


West of Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire
‘The West Rocks.’ An off-the-beaten-track stretch of coast on a calm summer day. Ah but where exactly is it? (Not on North Coast 500, that’s for sure.)

What’s off the Beaten Track in Scotland depends on your point of view. Could be all of it, could be the opposite…but, sure, there are still some quiet and peaceful spots that we mention here (though with some hesitation!)

The Isle of Skye probably isn’t one of them though.

Must See Scotland – the start of your journey

Right, you must have found something to follow up by now on Must See Scotland!

Remember, this is where you can find the information about possible choices for your visit.

Should you take in Loch Lomond or Loch Ness, for example?

And, as tourism began in the area called The Trossachs, is that worth your time?

Come to think of it…how much time do you need for Scotland anyway?

Och, best go to the sitemap page, where there is everything from Bonnie Prince Charlie to some terrible flared trousers on the ancient 35mm digitised slides of Scotland.

Enjoy Scotland! / All the best from Gilbert Summers.

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